LANLI 5U High voltage Front outlet BMS-CBMS

High voltage BMS main control equipment: voltage range 192~1000V current range 0~630A

  • Model: LUF15S19S630A-C-0

The LS/LU Series BMS products are battery management systems developed for large-scale high-voltage battery energy storage systems. It adopts distributed architecture, modular design concept, high configurability, easy assembly, debugging and maintenance. It is suitable for various battery energy storage systems with DC voltage below 1000V. This product can be configured as a secondary architecture (BMU+CBMS) for 10KWh-100KWh. Cooperate with industrial computer and battery stack management software to form a three-level architecture (BMU+CBMS+GBMS) for 50KWh-2MWh applications. In conjunction with the server and plant battery management system software, it can form a four-level architecture (BMU+CBMS+GBMS+BBMS) for applications from 2MWh to 1000MWh to meet different project requirements.

The product has a complete and reliable operation and protection strategy to effectively extend the life of the battery pack. It comes with a variety of communication interfaces and can be directly or indirectly connected to third-party energy management systems.

Product Features

  • Advanced Battery Management System --- The highly integrated battery management system enables seamless monitoring. 

  • perfect self-test and operational status detection, with HMI display, system operation information at a glance. 

  • perfect and reliable system control and protection strategies to fully protect the battery safety, extend the life of the battery escort.

  • modular design, configurable, scalable --- flexible combination of multiple energy storage unit can be expanded to a larger energy storage system, the maximum can support 272 (lead-carbon battery 400) battery series. 

  • rich communication interface --- multiple RS485, CAN, Ethernet, dry contact input and output interfaces, support for most of the market with PCS, monitoring server communication. 

  • Flexible communication interface protocol --- The company comes with the company's communication protocol, but also according to customer needs to adapt to different manufacturers PCS.

  • capacity is large --- Built-in large-capacity memory chips can store a large number of key operational data, but also can install an SD card for offline access. 

  • PCS has a protocol control function, the choice of circuit breakker version .

  • PCS without protocol control function, the choice of contactor + breaker version.

automatic circulation control and automatic parallel machine \ off-line control, can be easily parallel battery. (Model suffix selection D).

Application Scenario

  • Energy storage of photovoltaic power station 

  • Island off-grid energy storage 

  • optical storage charge integration applications 

  • Micro-grid applications 

  • UPS power supply 

  • Power System 220V DC power supply 

  • Rail transit 110V DC power supply

please donwload and check our BMS sepcification LANLI TECH_BMS High Voltage specification--V2.7